9 Great Beer Gifts for Father’s Day

– Written by Jess

If you’re a procrastinator like we are but you still want to get Dad something besides another tie or bottle of Johnnie Walker for Father’s Day this Sunday, you’re in luck. We’ve got nine excellent gifts your beer loving father will happily toast to.

1) Classic craft brews: Beer of the Month Club


Example of Amazing Club Goodies!

Sign him up for a beer of the month club and your dad will enjoy a variety of 12 carefully selected craft beers each month, delivered directly to his doorstep. He might even share them with you. Our pick is Amazing Clubs’ Beer of the Month Club because it gives you 12 different beers (Hint: If you’re looking for some major brownie points, they also have a Sirloin Club).

The Original Craft Beer Club and The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club both offer three bottles of four types of beer – better if you want to share, but obviously less variety.

2) Introduce a new hobby for the DIY dad

If your father is the type to pick up new hobbies and projects (and actually finishes them), a homebrewing kit is a gift that can bring him joy on many levels. He’ll learn a new skill and, we hope, he’ll get some great beer out of it.


Mr. Beer Fermenter.

If they’ve never tried brewing before, Mr. Beer  is a great starter kit including a 2.5-gallon plastic fermenter and everything you need to brew your first batch. The more expensive kits will include bottles and more complex beer styles.  In any case, this is a great, nearly foolproof way to start brewing.

Homebrewing can be space-intensive and messy. If your father’s already a brewer, I’m sure both he and your mother would be hugely appreciative of some homebrew organizational equipment, sold at most local homebrew shops. Since I live in Northern Virginia, My Local Homebrew Store in Falls Church, VA is my go-to store.  When I was in CT, I trekked to Maltose Express in Monroe.

3) Glassware for his bar

Glassware is an often overlooked aspect of bringing out the full flavors of certain beers, as each style has a type of glass that complements it best. Beeradvocate provides a thorough rundown on matching beer styles with glassware. Get him a set of glasses that go with his favorite beer or, better yet, buy him a set of different styles for tastings, like the Libbey Craft Brew 6-piece set.

viking beer

For the LotR aficionados out there?

If you’d rather stick with the basics, several Etsy stores sell personalized beer glasses such as bradgoodell’s customizable mugs. If you’re the son of a berserker (see #4, below), you might also consider getting him a viking horn.

4) Play to his character

Craft breweries come up with some of the best names for their brews: Stone’s Arrogant Bastard, Midnight Sun’s Son of a Berserker!, Cambridge’s Gourd of the Rings, and Dark Horse’s Scary Jesus Rockstar are just a few of the many masterful names breweries concoct. Play to Dad’s character and get him a handpicked 4-pack of 750 ml bottles that really describe him as a person. Aleheads has compiled a list of their best-named beer picks to help you on your quest.

If your local liquor store has a pitiful selection of beers, most of the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s locations I’ve been to keep a great selection in stock so you might have better luck there.

5) Father-Brewer bonding day

The only thing better than drinking beer is being completely surrounded by it, am I right?! Take Dad to visit a local brewery for a tour and a tasting. If you aren’t sure where the closest brewery is located, look no further than this handy-dandy beer mapping project. It also shows locations for brewpubs if you really want to knock it outta the park and take him out to lunch afterward. The map is manned by one person with contributors suggesting additions so it’s not a complete list, but it’s a damned good start.

6) Beer Books for the trivia master

Maybe your dad really loves reading about beer, or maybe he’s a mental hoarder of random trivia facts – we won’t judge. Either way, help him prep for the next big trivia tournament at your local sports bar and get him some beer books!  A great all-around beer book is Michael Jackson’s Great Beer Guide, and Charlie Papazian’s Complete Joy of Homebrewing, 3rd Edition is a solid homebrewing handbook.  and others that relate to the industry of brewing.  Beer Books offers a huge variety of beer books of all types, so you’re sure to find something Dad will settle down with.

7) For the well-groomed “astout” businessman

Bacon mouthwash may not be real, but we can do you one better: grooming with beer.

 Truth in Aging, an authoritative voice on all things beauty products, claims beer can soothe skin conditions and acne, revitalize skin, and maintain a balanced pH level. This is due in large part to the beneficial qualities in brewers’ yeast and hops. (More information here)

We aren't splitting hairs here.

We aren’t splitting hairs here.

Etsy and Lush, both great sources for innovative health and beauty products, boast a large number of products containing beer. You can find round solid soaps and bar soaps from a number of sellers, shaving kitsshampoohair treatment, and even body wash.

8) Furnishings for the man cave

Nothing says classy like beer art in a man cave, and anyone who disagrees can get the hell out! Some of our favorite decorative pieces include:

  • Vintage beer posters: This Olympia Beer poster, sold on Etsy, provides a pop of color and a pretty face. For the Dad who loves a splash of East Asian aesthetic in their homes, an Asahi Beer poster will do the trick.

  • Modern beer art & infographics: These prints feature foamy mugs and quotes from famous dead people lauding beer, and that’s all the justification I need to enjoy a cold one. An infographic detailing the multifaceted world of beer is both easy on the eyes and a great conversation starter.

9) Make a beer garden

Interpret this however you want, but if Dad’s got a green thumb get him a beer garden. An avid homebrewer  might appreciate the opportunity to grow his own hops, and you can get him started by buying the rhizomes and helping to plant them if you’re savvy on getting your hands dirty. 

Succulent bottle garden

Not quite big enough for hops, but…

Freshops  sells hops rhizomes and offers guides on how to grow them on their website. An assortment of herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits will also go well in a beer garden and can be used to make some interesting brews.

If growing hops doesn’t sound thrilling you can always buy a beer bottle succulent planter. Snazzy.

Happy Father’s Day!


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