Dear Jon, Get off your High War Horse

Dear Jon,

I don’t know who you are or why War horse Brewing Company in Seneca Lakes, NY named a beer after you, but we need to talk. My parents brought back a four-pack of War Horse beers for me when they traveled the Finger Lakes, and your Dear Jon Raspberry Wheat Ale was among the group.

We saved you for last because we thought you’d be the best; your classic pin-up girl label was unique and enticing and the style of beer held a lot of promise. We enjoyed the other three selections from War Horse so much that we were sure you’d be an instant favorite in our house.

I hate to say it, but we were sorely disappointed. You let us down, Jon. Let. Us. Down.

The heady scent of raspberry with its flirtations of floral and honey aromas brought smiles to our faces, and the light smell of alcohol beckoned to us seductively. Even your pale straw color with your classic wheat ale cloudiness fit the part. Flecks of malt remnants stuck to the head atop the beer after we poured it. In short, you had all the right looks, but it was your flavor that didn’t make the cut.

The raspberry was nearly absent. We couldn’t even catch any strong hoppiness or malts. Each flavor your aromas promised anxiously hid behind one another so that no one element came forth prominently. You left our taste buds apathetic and, quite frankly, bored. Not even the heavy carbonation and the light mouthfeel could redeem your blandness.

Overall you left much to be desired, Jon. We originally intended to pair you with a light and summery strawberry shortcake. Your style of beer should have suited the dessert well but instead you clashed.

Sorry Jon, it’s not us, it’s you. I hope you take this as an opportunity to improve yourself for next time.


Jason & Jess

Hops: 1.0
Malts: 1.5
Flavor: 1.5
Overall: 1.0
Label: 4.5

Additional Note: This beer was so unpleasant, we couldn’t even finish more than half of it. This almost never happens; between the two of us we can power through just about any beer.


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