Ivory Cane Homebrew Tasting

We don’t pat ourselves on the back often, but after tasting our Ivory Cane homebrew we consider it a job well done. I would highly recommend making this brew if you happen to find a bundle of sugar cane, as it’s the perfect homebrewed summer drink. I’ve been enjoying its complex and summery flavor profile.

Aroma:  It has light banana and clove aromas with delicate hints of orange.  Malts come through a bit but citrus, grapefruit, and tropical fruits come forth the strongest.

Appearance:  It has a dark straw color with light carbonation.  The head is very pale with medium sized bubbles which dissipate quickly.

Flavor:  Tropical flavors come through on the palate.  There isn’t much bitterness but it works well with this beer.  The sugar cane comes in as a light woodiness on the end of the flavor; I had been expecting a grassy flavor so the woodiness was unexpected, but it leaves a clean and refreshing finish to the beer so I’m not disappointed.  The flavor of the Citra hops works really well with the wheat beer; the citrusy tropical flavors come through lightly on the tongue without competing with the sugar cane’s influence.

Mouthfeel:  It is very heavy, even for a wit.  Some of the malts seem to linger and coat the tongue as you drink, but it is not unpleasant or cloying.

Overall Impression:  This is a pretty good beer, if I do say so myself.  The flavor is well-rounded and the alcohol isn’t too high, so it could be a nice session beer.  This beer would probably go well with a strong herby chicken dish, or perhaps even lamb or duck.

Something I might change for the next time I brewi this beer (and it was good enough to do again) would be to shred the sugar cane, perhaps in a food processor, and press out as much juice as possible from the pulp, adding both the juice and the pulp to the brew for optimal flavor extraction.

Hops:               3.5

Malts:               2.5

Flavor:              4.5

Overall:            4.0

Label:                  N/A (for now)

Brewer’s Note:  I know I may seem unreasonably approving of my own beer, but this one was actually very good.  I expect some of my more “experimental” brews will not do so well.


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