Mississippi Mud Black & Tan Review

I realize Mississippi Mud’s Black & Tan is a fairly well known brew and many of you have probably at least tried a Guinness & Bass black and tan if not this particular beer. Either way, the mixed beer trend, while very old, is still alive and kicking for a darn good reason.  It is just plain tasty!

Aroma:  Scents of roasted malts with hints of caramel and a bit of smokiness.  A little molasses comes through.

Appearance:  Very dark and without much apparent carbonation.  Has a tan head that dissipates somewhat quickly but leaves a loose lace on the glass.

Flavor:  Strong burnt malt flavors.  The pilsner comes through strong up front, and then melts back to allow the porter to come through.  Not much sweetness on the palate but its dry, smoky flavor balances it well.  Little to no bitterness from the hops, as it seems most of the bitterness comes from the toasted malts.

Jason demonstrates the way beer enthusiasts would drink from a bottle like this back in the day.

Jason demonstrates the way beer enthusiasts would drink from a bottle like this back in the day.

Mouthfeel:  Surprisingly light on the palate but it lingers on the tongue long after swallowing.  More carbonation than the appearance reveals.

Overall Impression:  This is a good example of a mixed beer using old school brewing methods. The mix of porter and pilsner makes for a truly wonderful beer that would go great with a big porterhouse steak.

Final Impressions:

Hops:                    1.0       mug rating 1
Malts:                   4.0        mug rating 4
Flavor:                  3.5       mug rating 3.5
Overall:                 4.0      mug rating 4
Label:                    5.0*    mug rating 5

*A quick note.  The label marking on this brew is more for the amazing bottle it comes in, like a miniature of the old clay gallon jugs.  I just love it.


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