Shipyard Smashed Blueberry “Malt Beverage”

Shipyard touts their Smashed Blueberry as a hybrid between a porter and a scotch ale with 9% abv. The two styles were skillfully blended into a brew that bursts with blueberry flavor that works well as an occasional treat.

Aroma: An assault of blueberry with late hints of vanilla and alcohol.  Some maltiness can be detected, but no noticeable hops at all.

Appearance: Very dark brown with a thin tan head.  Very slight carbonation with few visible bubbles.

Flavor: The blueberry is very strong without being overpoweringly sweet. It lingers throughout the entire duration of the flavor. Some toasted malts come in on the end of the tasting, and lighter malts come through behind the blueberry. There is a bit on smokiness, probably from the Scotch malts. There is also a bit of underlying vanilla flavor. Still no real hop flavor, but that is expected from a Scotch Ale.

Mouthfeel: Coats the mouth very well, lingering nicely with a non-cloying blueberry taste.  It is a smooth beer, with very little carbonation – reminiscent of how a Guinness Draught goes down. I would consider it medium to heavy weight, which works well for this beer especially with the high alcohol content.

Overall Impression: It is a flavorful and well-rounded brew but not something I would drink all the time because of its strong fruitiness. It would probably go very well with tart desserts.

We paired the S.S.B. with a homemade cherry streusel.  The mix of these two flavors is almost potently good.  Each bite and swallow of beer brings out even more flavor without making either of them overpowering.

Final Impressions:

Hops:  0.5

Malts:  3.5

Flavor:  4.0

Overall:  4.0

Label:  3.5*

*It has a very classy label which works well for this blended beer.



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