Homebrew Review: C-Bomb Cherry Stout

C-Bomb Cherry StoutAfter waiting patiently for the last five weeks, our C-Bomb Cherry Stout is finally ready for consumption. Even as I swallowed the first sip I inwardly regretted not having a larger fermenter – this tart, smoky stout is so good I don’t think it will last long in our pantry.

Aroma: Strong malty aromas come through with a light hint of cherries. No hops come through on the nose, though.

Appearance: Very dark brown, no visible carbonation, and no appreciable head.

Flavor: Mellow and smoky flavors with a background of tart cherry. The hops hide behind the malts, which is good in a stout.

Mouthfeel: Heavy on the palate without being overbearing. The combination of malts and sugars hold the beer together very well. Light carbonation gives this beer a refreshing feel, while allowing the flavors to come through nicely.

Overall Impression: Both Jess and I were instant fans of this homebrew – and not just because we tend to favor stouts overall. The flavor of cherries and the tartness of raspberries ride well with the heavy flavors of a stout.

Brewer’s Notes: Although we consider this brew a success, there are a few things we hope to improve upon for the next batch (yes, it’s good enough to brew again). Pitting and pureeing the cherries and raspberries might help to make the flavors and sugars more accessible to the yeast while adding more fruity flavor into the beer. Also, once I acquire a proper grain mill I will be able to extract more flavor from the specialty grains, which will enhance the overall boldness of the brew.

Final Thoughts:

Hops: 2.0
Malts: 4.0
Flavor: 4.0
Overall: 4.0


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