What’s Brewin’ in November: Pumpkick Revenge Pumpkin & Cranberry Ale


Pumpkin Cranberry Ale Homebrew

This is what we are calling the “Pumpkick Revenge.” When we tasted New Belgium’s Pumpkick during Pumpkinpalooza, we found it to be rather lacking in both pumpkin and cranberry flavors. We thought we would give it a try and see if we can do better.

2 lb. Extra Light DME
.25 lb. 60°L Crystal Malt
.25 lb. Victory Malt
.40 lb. Melanoidin Malt
12 oz. Clover Honey
12 oz. Maple Syrup
.5 oz. Magnum (13.5% aa) – 60 mins.
Wyeast Abbey Ale Yeast
Pumpkin – juice and pulp of 2 small sugar pumpkins.
Cranberries – 60 oz. (app 5 bags), 3 bags juice and pulp, 2 bags frozen and crushed


Starting off, I juiced the pumpkin and cranberries, pouring the juice into ice cube trays to freeze off.  The remaining cranberries I froze, then hammer-crushed and put them back in the freezer.  The pulp from the pumpkin and cranberries was used as part of the mash with the Crystal Malt, Victory Malt, and Melanoidin Malts. I mashed these ingredients for 30 minutes at 145° F, and then drained the grains from the wort. I then added the 2 lbs. of DME to the wort and brought it to a boil. Once at a boil, I added the Magnum hops, and boiled the brew for one hour. With 5 minutes left, I added the Honey and the Maple Syrup, allowing the boil to pasteurize those ingredients. Once the boil was over, I added the frozen and crushed cranberries to break them up a bit, and then added the frozen pumpkin and cranberry juices to lower the temperature quickly. I added the wort to the fermenter with cold water to bring the total volume to just under 3 gallons, allowing for extra and a total of 2.5 gallons of beer. When the wort reached pitching temperature, I added the Abbey Ale yeast and allow for fermentation before bottling.


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