A Far-Out IPA: Elysian Space Dust IPA Review

Elysian Space Dust IPAElysian “Space Dust” IPA

I picked up this bottle of Elysian Space Dust IPA at the same time I grabbed the Dragonstooth Stout, during a fruitless trip to Dean and Deluca back when I was searching for something to add marshmallow flavor to my not-quite-right s’mores beer. This offering is part of their manic IPA series – since this is the first I had seen of Elysian Brewing Company, I now feel compelled to find the rest o the series – and manic is about as apt a description of the hops level as I can think of.

I paired this beer with heuvos rancheros for a great breakfast-for-dinner meal. I’ll post with more details later in the week.

Aroma: Strong scent of hops on this one.  Blasts of grapefruit, pine, and citrus hit the nose hard, leaving little room for the malts.

Appearance: Golden yellow with a tightly beaded head that lingers, then leaves a bubbly film on the top.  The beer leaves a great lace on the glass.

Flavor: Very hoppy upfront.  It has a strong bitterness and is very flavorful.  The malts are well hidden until the hops let go a bit.  Hits of grapefruit, pine, and chicory hit the palate in a very refreshing beer.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a good carbonation.  Light enough to go with a spicy brunch dish.

Overall Impression: Elysian is getting things right with their brews.  Jess and I both think we need to find more.  This brew itself is great as an IPA.  It is hoppy, delicious, and high enough in alcohol to make the trip to India, even from Seattle, where this is brewed.

Final Impressions:

Hops:               mug rating 4.5

Malts:               mug rating 3

Flavor:             mug rating 4

Overall:            mug rating 4

Label:                 mug rating 5


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