When Decadence Meets Indulgence


Valentine’s Day is coming, folks. I usually spend the evening serving all the other lovebirds lucky enough to have the night to spend with a special someone, but I somehow managed to get the evening off this year. Whether you’re alone or have someone special, think of V-day as commercial shenanigans or a lovers’ holiday, I have a match made in heaven for you to enjoy this Friday: Lindeman’s Framboise and rich, decadent flourless chocolate cake, together at last.

The tart fruity flavors in the beer compliment the rich and chocolatey flavors in the cake.  Tasting this pair together produced a moment of euphoria for both me and Jess.

In case you haven’t had a flourless chocolate cake before, I will direct you to the recipe I used for mine.  I got mine from a wonderful gluten free blogger, the Gluten Free Goddess.  The recipe for the Flourless Chocolate Cake can be found here.

I am convinced there is no better dessert combination than framboise and the above-mentioned cake, so I will be serving this up again on Valentine’s Day to celebrate another perfect match, that of me and my lady.


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