A Failed Fat Weasel


River Trent Brewing Co Fat Weasel Ale

We had hoped for a better beer when we picked up this whimsical bottle, and at 7.1% abv, we figured it would be a strong one too.  However, the Fat Weasel was more like a Skinny Squirrel.

Aroma: Smells like malty apple juice, and is very light in scent.  Some other light fruitiness as well.  No discernible hoppiness.

Appearance: pale honey color with heavy, visible carbonation.  Head was very light, and what little there was dissipated quickly.

Flavor: This is a rough tasting ale, some fruitiness on the palate, but almost no hops.  Maybe my love of I.P.A.’s gives me a bias, but I find this similar to American lagers in hoppiness.  The malts are almost cloying, as it it wasn’t completely fermented when it was bottled.

Mouthfeel: Excessively heavy.  The fat weasel definitely stayed fat in the bottle.

Overall Impression: This fatty is really that.  It is a fat ale without the hops to balance out the flavor properly.  I can’t say it is a bad beer, because I can see where some beer lovers will enjoy this brew, but it just doesn’t happen to be one of my favorites. We think an actual weasel might brew a better beer.

Final Impression:

Hops:                   mug rating .5

Malts:                  mug rating 3.5

Flavor:                  mug rating 2

Overall:                mug rating 2.5

Label:                  mug rating 4.5


(It was the name and the fat weasel in a Hawaiian style shirt that got our attention.)


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