The Mad Fox Cometh


Last week, we visited the Mad Fox Brewing Co. in Falls Church, VA. I must say, for such a small shop, we were greatly surprised by the variety of beverages available. We were surprised by a couple things there, of which I will get to in a moment.

First off, their array of beers went from a fairly normal kolsch, a very tasty brew, up through a series of barley wines, Imperial IPA’s, and an Imperial Stout; all of which were exceptional. The brewery offers four ounce tastings of their brews, at the very low price of $6 for four selections. However, we happened to stop in on Saturday morning, expecting lunch. Instead, we were given brunch menus, and we took it in stride, enjoying beer for me, cider and mead for Jess, and some tasty foods. I had the fried chicken and waffles. The waffles were light and fluffy, the chicken deliciously crispy. Jess chose one of their pizzas, with a gluten free crust. She was pleasantly surprised at the pizza, and we had been given the heads up from a couple friends who had visited the night before about the gluten free choice. We decided to have some dessert, even after such a wonderful brunch. I had their deep fried banana cheesecake with ice cream. It is delicious, and very big, definitely a good dessert for sharing. Jess had a simple root beer float, made with their own homemade root beer. Our server, Michael, was great, and very talkative, it being a slower point in the afternoon. He mentioned many of the choices available, as well as some upcoming events.


It is one of these events I wish to mention. This weekend, Mad Fox is holding their 4th Annual Barleywine festival. Over the two days, they are offering not only their own barleywines for sampling, but those of other breweries, over 30 choices of deliciously strong brews. I will be heading down their tomorrow afternoon for, probably, a few hours. If you happen to come down on Saturday, look for me at the bar enjoying rounds of deliciousness.

Otherwise, stop by the Brewery some time for some great food and even better food. We shall certainly be returning many times.


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