Long Time, No See


Again, I know. It has been quite a while since I posted here. However, don’t think that means I haven’t been busy. I have been doing tastings, learning more about beer, and working harder than I would really like to. My goals are shifting, and I am hoping to be in a new, more beery, field very soon.

I have finally found some time to start posting again, and will do my best to keep up. This will probably mean some extra tastings being posted, since I am well into my second book, with some really off the wall items being tasted. I will also be looking into some interesting food pairings for some of the beers I have waiting. And finally, I have been having a lot of fun doing some great homebrew. I may soon be looking to try my hands at some stuff I haven’t done before, working with some interesting yeasts and bacteria, and possibly even something a little more wild here near DC.

There is also a big Beer festival coming to DC very soon, and Naomi and I will be attending for a good afternoon of good beer fun. Come on down for the fun on August 16th, and check it out at http://www.dcinternationalbeerfest.com/



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