Black Perle Dark IPA


RJ Rockers, 9.5% abv

“Ales from the Dark Side”

Aroma: Exceptionally hoppy on the nose, with a hint of a dark roastiness. The malts come through with a biscuit resonance.

Appearance: Opaque black in color, there seems to be a decent carbonation. It raised a deep tan head of tight bubbles that falls slowly.

Flavor: Very nice dark roasted flavors sit up front, with a kick of hops hiding behind the malts. Lots of pine and grapefruit from the hops.

Mouthfeel: Light on the palate, with a dryness to it. The carbonation is strong enough to match the feel of the brew.

Overall Impression: The beer itself is very good, but the hops aren’t present enough to consider it an IPA. That being said, if I see it again, I will pick it up again, because I really enjoyed it.


Final Thoughts:

Hops:                    mug rating 3.5

Malts:                    mug rating 4

Flavor:                  mug rating 4

Overall:                 mug rating 3.5

Label:                    mug rating 4.5


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