Magner’s Pear


Colonmel Tipperary, 4.5% abv

Aroma: Strong pear cidery aroma. There is a strong acidity on the nose as well.

Appearance: Very pale green in color, there is a light effervescence to the brew.

Flavor: Clean pear flavor, without much alcohol on the tongue.

Mouthfeel: Very light on the palate. There is a light carbonation on the tongue. A bit of tartness leaves a refreshing feeling in the mouth.

Overall Impression: This is a very refreshing brew. It is an Irish pear cider, and naturally gluten free, thus an excellent brew for Jess right now.


Final Thoughts:

Hops:                     —

Malts:                     —

Flavor:                   mug rating 4

Overall:                 mug rating 4

Label:                   mug rating 1.5

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