Oarsman Ale


Bell’s Brewery, Inc., 4.0% abv

Aroma: It has a strong sour, almost cidery aroma. There isn’t much in the way of hops or malts on this one.

Appearance: Pale straw in color, with a light carbonation. Not much head was raised on this brew.

Flavor: Straight up, this tastes like a good hard cider. It is sour and fruity, with no noticeable hop or malt flavors coming through. It finishes with a hint of sweet brown sugar. It would be offensive only if you expected a true style brew, but I am really enjoying this one.

Mouthfeel: This brew is very light on the palate, with a strong carbonation. There is a sour tang that cleanses the palate very well.

Overall Impression: OK, I got a beer here that is pretending to be a hard cider with a sweet, almost brown sugar ending. I am enjoying this brew, but I can see how some people might be opposed to this beer.


Final Thoughts:

Hops:                    mug rating .5

Malts:                   mug rating 2

Flavor:                   mug rating 4

Overall:                  mug rating 3.5

Label:                   mug rating 2.5


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