Legend Brewing Company


I recently took a trip down to Richmond, VA. While I was down there, I decided to check out the brewing scene. I stopped in at Strangeways Brewing, only to find them unfortunately closed until much later in the day. I am planning a return trip at some point to try out their stuff, or just get a couple packs of beer to bring back with me. However, I then went over to the Legend Brewing Company, expecting a brewery with a small tasting room where I could try some stuff and get some beer to bring home. Let me tell you, I was very surprised to find a full brew pub, with an outdoor patio looking over the river. It was a warm day in November, so the patio was packed. This left me with a perfect spot at the bar to relax, talk with the bartender, and try a few beers.

I started off with one of their IPA’s, and I was hooked. Upon talking to the bartender, and placing an order for one of their house burgers, I asked her if I could get tastes of the beers. She mentioned the nominal price for a taste, and asked me which one I wanted to try. We all know my response, and she started pouring tastes of every brew they had on draft. Everything I had was amazing. And don’t even get me started on the burger. Where I grew up, I crossed off many restaurants from my list of “Good place to get a burger.” But at the Legend Brewpub, you can get an amazing burger with great beer.

If this wasn’t enough, I happened to be praising their beer without knowing that one of their head brewers was sitting right next to me. He thanked me for the kind words, and proceeded to give me a tour of the brewery once I had finished my lunch and tasting. If I lived in Richmond, I would’ve found some way to work for them. They are doing great work with some great beers.

And before you think me off my rocker, I got a number of 22 oz. Legend Brews to bring home and enjoy. You may have seen the picture of me with the Legend 2013 Barleywine in front of the snowy yard. I wish I had seen it earlier, or decided to go for it, but they had a selection of their Belgian style Tripel, with vintages from the last three years. I still kick myself for not grabbing the six pack. Alas, I did grab a bunch of stuff, and a wide variety of their brews to bring home and enjoy. I will be posting them for your perusal, and if I return, I will grab others to try as well.  Expect the posts over the next few days to cover the range of beers I picked up from them.

I will close with a short message concerning the Legend Brewing Company: Stop in, say hi, and enjoy some good beer.

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