Legend Brown Ale – Oak Barrel Aged


Legend Brewing Co., Richmond, VA

Aroma: Very heavily malted, without much in the way of hops. I catch a hint of woody vanilla and nutty aromas.

Appearance: Deep amber brown in color, with a very strong carbonation. It raised an enormous light tan fluffy head (that I was still waiting on ten minutes later.)

Flavor: WOW! OK, that’s out of the way now. This brew has a huge maltiness, with a sweetness that hangs well on the brew. There is a strong whiskey flavor hanging with the beer as well, coming from the barrels this brew rests in for six months.

Mouthfeel: Heavy, almost cloying maltiness on the tongue, but with a strong carbonation to cleanse away the sugars. The woody dryness leaves a pleasant feeling on the tongue.

Overall Impression: as I said: WOW! I am really liking this brew. It seems the guys at Legend really know how to mix the old styles with new brewing techniques, and I am really enjoying their efforts.


Side note on the head of this brew. It hung around for a while, and I had to wait several times to finish pouring this one out. I decided to get a pic of the initial pour, because I was intrigued to say the least.



Final Thoughts:

Hops:                    mug rating 1

Malts:                   mug rating 4.5

Flavor:                  mug rating 5

Overall:                 mug rating 5

Label:                   mug rating 2.5

Yep, still has a unicorn hanging around… legendary creature? I am beginning to wonder…

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