And Again

It seems I have a bad habit of slipping of into the distance at times. Things had not been going so hot for me for a little while. I had been studying for the Cicerone test like crazy, brewed a couple times but not nearly as much as I would like, and generally getting into a major funk.

Well, I have dug myself out of that funk, and am doing some things to work my way back into brewing and beer a bit more. I brewed a Chocolate Brown Ale today, and am hoping to use it as the base for a pot of mole chili in a competition next month. The mole chili will be a tasty vegetarian option with a nice chocolaty kick.

I have also entered a few beers in the Spirit of Free Beer competition. I have entered a Weizenbock (a brew I intend to use for my wedding this year), a spiced hard cider with a focus on ginger (Jess wanted to do some cider, as it doesn’t take the time as a batch of beer, so we gave it a try, and I enjoyed it), some of the Belgian Golden Strong Ale I called LaBelle (bottled with dregs of Orval for an added funk), and my 2013 Samichlaus brew (for those that recall that brew, it clocked in at 19.5% abv and goes down mellow and smooth).

And finally, I have recently taken on a new job, working at the Mad Fox Brewing Company. Though just a server for now, I am still a step closer to brewing on a more professional level.

Expect to see me a bit more, as I have a bunch of brews to be adding into the mix for reviews, as well as a bunch of new breweries and brewpubs opening up nearby.

The Good Beer Guild is up and running Once Again!

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