Jason has been an avid beer fan, bartender, and homebrewer for close to a decade, and is now studying for the second test toward becoming a cicerone, having passed the test to become a Certified Beer Server. His favorite breweries are Sam Adams, Magic Hat, Long Trail, Middle Ages Brewing Company, and has recently become a fan of Starr Hill, but he is always on a quest to discover great new beers.

As a native of Connecticut now living in the Washington, DC area, he has been exploring the great beer spots in the area on days off and will be sharing his experiences here for anyone visiting the area or still exploring like him.

Joining him on his quest to find the best the beer world has to offer is his fiance, Jess. She only learned to enjoy the complexities of beer tasting a few years ago, but she has become almost as enthusiastic as Jason. She will contribute occasionally by writing articles, but mostly will serve as a support role, editing articles and weighing in as a second opinion on reviews. Jess has recently come to realize that she may be gluten intolerant. Since barley and wheat contain lots of gluten, we will begin to look in other directions for fermentables and alcoholic beverages.

Follow the Good Beer Guild to read up on Jason’s reviews on beers and brewpubs,  homebrewing recipes and tips, cooking recipes and food pairing, and other fun beer facts.

Thanks for stopping by!

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